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You can fold your way to winning online poker

The #1 reason you lose in poker is not folding. Folding is the most fundamental skill in poker. If you answered “no duh”, then let’s find out if you know. This article is designed to help you become a successful poker player. What is a “winning poker gamer”? A player who is able to consistently make a profit.

While anyone can win poker for a while, it’s not the same thing as being a “winning player”. The “winning poker player” is the one who has made the most money at the end of each week. They have made money at the end of each month. A “winning poker player” is not one who crashes and burns. This article will teach you how to fold.

The majority of players don’t know how to fold. They won’t fold. They will not fold. They find reasons for them to play, when they should be folding. They think, then re-think, and try to read minds. They believe they can win pots with just two cards, and play only position plays. They believe folding will make them appear weak to their opponents. It is a way to deflate their ego. They believe they are poker geniuses. They are action addicts. They will be your best friend because they will pay your mortgage for you.

People don’t fold because they love to play. Each poker session is viewed as an event that has a beginning and a end. They will play only for one hour, so they don’t want to miss out on any hands. YOU, on the other side, will realize that your poker career can be One Big Never-Ending Poker Session. If you are unable to find situations, cards, or scenarios that you want to play for an entire hour, you will not be able sit down and play. After an hour of playing, you will stop folding and turn off your computer. Monopoly is a fun game that you can play for fun. You can play winning poker by getting a pen.

Grab a pen and some paper. Write the following on the top. This must be written out. It is useless to read it. You can write it twice if you want to really burn it in your brain. Think about each hand as you write it.

If you’re not going to fold a particular hand, you need to have a compelling reason and a strategy to play that hand in at least 15 scenarios. If you don’t believe you can fold it, you can convince yourself to do so for the next few months. This will help you become a better player. You can then add it to your starting hands with purpose, and a plan for action.

I fold T8 every time.

Always fold J8.

For the rest of this list, keep writing “I always fold”. This is not a perfect way to play poker, but it’s sufficient for what we are doing now. “Any numeric card” is a synonym for “suited”, while “x” means “any numeric hand”. So KQs stands for “King Queen Suited”, and Ax stands for “Ace plus any number card”.

For each combination of the following, write “I always fold”.

Q9 and A9, 74s J7s 85s 96s K9, 54, 65.76.87, 42s. 43s. 53s. Q8s T7s Kxs. 64s. 98, 99.5s K9s. 54s. QT,KT, 56s. QT,KT, 65s. 86s. AT, 65S. 97s 76s JT, 65s. 86s. AT, 65S. 97s 96s.

This is your list of non-playable cards. UNPLAYABLE. These cards can be used in any situation and any position. You’re not folding if you don’t. Folding on the small blind is what you do. You fold with multiple limpers, raised or unraised pots and so on.

Let me first say something, which should be obvious to you but may not for you. If you are checking into a flop with one of your “I fold”, it is crucial that you don’t get drawn into playing your cards, unless you have a good hand. Let’s assume you have 83 in the big blind. If it doesn’t, idn poker you can check and see the flop for free. The flop is 864. You now have the top pair. This hand is done. Fold it. Don’t bet it. It’s not yours to call. Let it go.

These situations are where your hand is not in the right place. Your hand is probably already beaten. You are likely to be beaten before the hand ends if you haven’t already. Rarely will you flop a monster. With your 83 big blind, you might see a flop with 883, K33 or even888. These do happen, but they will not be common. This will help you avoid a lot of trouble. It doesn’t mean you won’t pay a lot if your poor flopped hand is more valuable than its actual value. This will be covered in more detail when we discuss playing the blinds.

Did you notice that you were unable to say, “No, I’m not folding it in any situation,”? What about ATs or TJ? It is possible that you will fold more hands than you can handle preflop. That’s OK! You can stop reading. It can be boring to try this system for making consistent profits in poker. It is not important that it works consistently. The rest of the article will be troublesome for action junkies and those who play poker to prove their “smartness”.

Good players are worse than bad players, while bad players make more money. This is the most important thing you can do for all that is holy and pure. All the books and advice you have received from others who have read them are based on the same outdated concept of only one table being played LIVE. This means you’re physically at one table, and one table only. You’re only seeing 35 to 35 hands per hour as the cards are being shuffled. Because you’re playing at the highest stakes for your bankroll, that’s what should you do if you are only playing live, single-table poker.

This article outlines the winning system for modern multi-table online play. Instead of playing at $2/$4, four tables are available for $.5/$1. Instead of playing 35 hands an hour, you now see about 200 hands an hour. Instead of choosing “any table that is available”, you choose the best tables to play your game at, with tables that have large pots and lots of passive preflop callers. Can you see what I am saying?

You might not want to play the hands you think you want preflop. We’re not talking about a game that you can play at multiple tables at once for hours and still make money. This game is designed to be played online in the 21st century. It is possible to still play poker online and make money from the U.S.

For any hands that you are hesitant about… like ATs… write 25 Times. The hand is always folded. Every hand 25 times. Remind yourself each time that you are creating an entirely new game, a disciplined, money-making game that will make you a poker pro.

Done? Done? Take a roll of toilet paper and go to the bathroom. Then, take a copy of the article and place it on the spool. It’s not your goal to learn how to win online poker, so it might be a good idea to put it to work. Please complete the exercise before moving on. If you are writing with your feet, it will take less than an hour.