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How to write the best welcome message for your customers

If you are an online shopaholic, chances are you already know how significant a chat or welcome message is. But even if you aren’t, let us give you a little sneak peak into what a welcome bot does. So whenever you open any brand’s business page on Facebook or any other platform you’d see a welcome message cropping up on your screen. This message basically greets you on the page and the intention is to provide you a quick guideline to how you can utilize the chatbot.

However, a lot of times things take a wrong turn because the message was either misleading or lacked relevant information. So in this 2-minute read, we will explain to you how to write a welcome message for your page’s chatbot which is not only short but is useful as well.

1- Not so superficial

This may sound cliche and boring to you but a well written welcome message which is heartfelt is not something ordinary. It’s not like your potential buyers will not appreciate your courteous nature and take it as fake. A lot of people still cherish good behavior and customer support should have it as a basic.

2- A call to action

So the second thing is, your welcome message should not only be heartfelt but it must have a little call to action theme as well. For instance, lead the visitors to a useful button where they can get information about their order or current deals.

3- A little sense of humor

Sprinkling a little sense of humor to your welcome message will not hurt anyone. But make sure it’s not an inappropriate or long joke. Remember, Subtlety makes things exciting so make sure there’s a humorous expression in your message rather than a big length joke.