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How to Organize a Rental Dumpster Delivery

If you are doing a DIY home renovation or decluttering your house, it is a good time to do it. Any time is perfect for these projects. With your residential dumpster rental, you can dispose of construction materials and debris, plus all the junk you have accumulated over the years, as you remove items that don’t spark joy in your home or prepare to sell.

Precision Disposal is a family-owned company based in Port ST. Luciel. They can help you remove your junk by delivering an empty dumpster to you and then picking it up when you’re done. Here’s how to prepare to rent a residential dumpster near the south.

1. Choose When You Work

Think about how long your DIY remodeling or clean-out project will take. This includes the time it will take to sort through your belongings, demolish your kitchen or bathroom, and then remove all the debris. Make sure you select at least seven days to choose your delivery and pick-up dates for the dumpster rental. If you’re not sure when you can work on your project, take a look at your schedule before reserving a residential dumpster.

2. Select the Size of Dumpster Rental You Will Need

The size of your task will dictate the dumpster size you will need. Vero Beach Dumpster Rental offer five different dumpster sizes, the shortest of which is six cubic yards and the biggest of which is 20 cubic yards. 

Here are our suggestions for selecting a dumpster size.

6 Cubic Yard Dumpster Rental

This dumpster can hold six standard washing machines. This size is perfect for small kitchen demolition, garage or basement clean-out, remodeling up to two bathrooms, demolition of a small deck, or fencing material and yard clean-up.

10 Cubic Yard Dumpster Rental

This dumpster can hold a lot of waste. It is perfect for a kitchen demolition, a garage or basement clean-out, a small kitchen and bath tear-out, medium-sized deck demolition, and 20-square feet of roofing materials plus extra junk.

13 Cubic Yard Dumpster Rental

This is our most popular dumpster size. It can hold much waste, such as a kitchen demolition, a basement or garage clean-out, or a deck demolition. You can also use it for multiple home improvement projects simultaneously.

16 Cubic Yard Dumpster Rental

This dumpster is perfect for bigger clean-outs, like when you’re renovating your kitchen or doing multiple house projects simultaneously. It can also hold a bunch of waste from deck demolition or flood or fire restoration work.

20 Cubic Yard Dumpster Rental

If you’re making many home improvements, like renovating multiple rooms or demolition, you’ll need a big dumpster. Our twenty cubic yard dumpster can hold a lot of waste and is perfect for major projects.

3. Set Your Dumpster Rental Order Online or By Phone

Now it is time to order a dumpster for your project. You can do this on our website. You will need to enter your rental period’s start and end dates. Our standard rental period is seven days. You will also be required to inform us where you want us to drop off the dumpster. Usually, the right or left side of your driveway is enough information. After you have filled out the form and paid your deposit, we will deliver the dumpster on day one of your rental period.

You can also order a dumpster rental by phone. Our customer service representative will ask you for all the important information. You will then be prepared to start your home DIY project with a shiny blue dumpster from us parked in your driveway.

4. Getting Your Driveway Ready for your Dumpster Delivery

Precision Disposal will be delivering your rental dumpster to your home in Shawnee soon! It would help if you prepared by making sure the spot for the dumpster is clear. It’s easy to do–remove any objects in the way so the trash can place in the dumpster correctly.

Ensure the area where you want your dumpster is free of debris and cars is accessible. Our dumpsters will fit in a standard parking spot to fit in the driveway. If you are worried about having a dedicated area for the dumpster, don’t worry. We can help you figure it out. And we’ll make sure to protect your driveway or patio with a special underlayment when we deliver the dumpster.

Renting a Dumpster is Easy!

Residential dumpsters are easy and cheap to get. We are the best company to go with for your dumpster needs. We always put our customers first. If you’re ready to start a DIY project, let us help you get rid of the junk and construction waste. Summer is a particular time for home improvement, so don’t wait! Reserve your dumpster from us today.