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How do you do an accessibility audit?

Determine page templates

Choose a sample of your website’s pages. It comprises the many templates in use, as well as any unique or uncommon features. This method will work for most sorts of website content. The suggestions must subsequently get adopted for all instances of the problems found, including unaudited pages.

Audit page templates

It should get checked using access technologies against WCAG criteria to see if it passes or fails.

What are the different types of accessibility audits?

There are two general techniques to assessing the accessibility of your website:

Automated accessibility audits

Audits of manual accessibility

Manual accessibility audits are advantageous as they make it easier to verify compatibility with keyboards and assistive devices. Manual accessibility audits have the disadvantages of being time-consuming, requiring expertise, costly if you use external accessibility specialists.

A web accessibility audits assesses if a website is accessible to people with impairments in a reasonable manner. The audit’s goal is to find barriers that prohibit individuals from reaching the internet in a way that is relevant to their skills and preferences. Automated accessibility audits have the advantage of reducing resource costs since automatic testing methods may detect reoccurring errors.

Automated web accessibility audits have the drawback of only catching 30-40% of accessibility problems as defined by the WCAG standard. If you want to reach WCAG compliance, automated audits aren’t sufficient.

The best world is a hybrid accessibility audit, which combines manual and automated auditing methodologies. You may adopt an accessibility audit to your organization’s capability and needs, gaining the benefits of each technique while filling in the gaps where each auditing method falls short on its own. To get your website in shape, start with a manual accessibility audit, then follow up with automatic accessibility assessments on a regular basis to keep it accessible.

What to watch out for in an accessibility audit?

An accessibility testing tool is required to evaluate your website’s accessibility. When looking for an accessibility testing tool, seek for one that:

Audits of huge websites with several subdomains and hundreds of pages can get handled.

Issues can get classified according to their WCAG compliance levels.

Audits of all forms of web material are possible.

It provides in-depth explanations for the identified problems.

It gives extensive suggestions for problem-solving.

How do you track your website accessibility

Defining Internet Accessibility:

Web accessibility refers to the ability of users including people with disabilities to use your website for its intended purposes and efficiently. While incorporating web accessibility monitoring into your website may appear to be a simple task, we frequently underestimate the importance of this functionality in the user experience. When we fail to create an accessible website, we lock a large portion of our target audience onto the main website content, causing SEO rankings to suffer.